Maximum Chaos (Bundle)

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Maximum Chaos (Bundle)

Expected release date is Mar 31st 2019

About Maximum Chaos

This action packed thriller follows two brothers whose family has been massacred at the start of an epic war. Fleeing as their closest allies attempt to eradicate them, millions of Underground Citizens fight to survive the initial attacks by the enemy, but are forced into hiding. James and his little brother Charlie are two such people, who find themselves compelled to join in the fight to strike back! We meet them two years later, gambling with their lives amidst the turmoil and strife, pushing full steam ahead into Maximum Chaos!

About Ryan

Ryan is a cancer survivor who, through his books, strives to supports many organizations focused on bringing an end to cancer. Also, he currently lives in Indianapolis on the planet Earth~ He went to Indiana University in Bloomington, IN for non-profit management but his passion for writing has given him a platform and the drive to help people suffering from similar or worse circumstances. He has been working on Maximum Chaos for 4 years and has put forth the effort to make sure that it is not only a great book, but one that also has the ability to help people.

Whats included

Maximum Chaos (Paper back), $14.95 value.

Audio Book, $25.95 value.

Poster, $5 value.

Mystery Gift, first 100,000 bundles ($50 value).



Bundle Extra!

$1 from every bundle sold will go to charity, the first of which is the American Cancer Society, for the first 250,000 copies sold.


Donation Levels:

The First 250,000 bundles sold, we hope to give the American Cancer Society a donation of at least $250,000.